Function Pics


Manly team at Albury with Tobruk Shield, Bill Lough Shield, mugs for 2nd in Weekes Shield, 4 towels for winning Tobruk Shield and Noel Markham extra towel for finalist in the 30 m





Billy Lough trophy - Manly Winners in 2015





AIF Trophies 2015 Team handicap relays 2nd in Weekes, 1st in Tobruk and winner of Billy Lough trophy.  Noel Markham made finals of 30m handicap. 






Cronulla Cup of 28 October 2014

L-R John Brandt , Paddy Berge, Michael Moore, Phil Hendrie, John Martin, James Hobday, Neill Hargreaves, Brock Vanzino, Ron Strom, Ron Giveen 


Supporting the Leukaemia  foundation by supporting the Gray's drive for funds

Ron Giveen 

Deb Griffin

Peter Mulholland 






Deb Griffin with one of her 2 second place medals AIF Nelson Bay 2014 pic courtesy of Peter Mulholland


 Kathleen Duggan with her 2nd Place Medal AIF Carnival Nelson Bay 2014 Pic courtesy of Peter Mulholland


Manly Leagues 140+ team AIF Carnival Nelson Bay 2014 Pic courtesy of Peter Mulholland

Amanda, Kathleen Deb and Sue 


TOBRUK Shield winners AIF Carnival Nelson Bay 2014  Pic courtesy of Peter Mulholland

Noel, Ron, Sue and Bob 


Team pic 1 Left to Right

Noel Amanda Sue Ron Sue Peter Kelly Katherine Deb   Pic courtesy of Peter Mulholland


Marshalling Tent AIF Nelson Bay 2014

Sue Deb Ron Amanda    Pic courtesy of Peter Mulholland


 Team Pic 2 with trophies

Left to right

Ron, Noel, Kathleen, Peter, Sue, Deb (obscured) Sue, Amanda, Bob and Kelly 

Pic courtesy of Peter Mulholland 


Phil In Manly togs for first time December 2013 
























Trophy Winners AIF Nelsons Bay 2013

Noel Markham being congratulated by Ron Giveen for being a successful finalist in the 100 metre open event in AIF Carnival 2013 at Nelson Bay

Kelly and Kathleen Duggan - Winning at AIF Nelson Bay 2013

Manly at AIF Nelson Bay 2013
BR Peter Mulholland, Debbie Thackeray, Kelly Duggan, Bob Kelsall, Noel Markham
FR Ron Giveen, Sue Johnston, Kathleen Duggan















rted here ## 2011 Age Swimming Champions Manly Cup - Bill Lough September 2011